“Life imitates Art, Art imitates Life”

According to Greek mythology, Cassandra was the daughter of two kings of Troy: Hecuba and Priam. Some people say that to get the gift of "prophecy" Cassandra agreed to a sexual meeting with Apollo. When she got the power, she refused to have relations with that god. Apollo felt betrayed, he spat over her mouth and cursed Cassandra: No one would believe her prophecies. For years, everyone thought that Cassandra had gone mad. Even her own family. Nobody believed her words. This happened when she announced that Troy would be attacked by the Greeks. When the city was conquered, she took refuge in the temple of the goddess Athena. But she was found and delivered to King Agameron. Finally she was killed by the wife of the king.

“No crime against Gods or man have I committed, save to speak the truth. And each hideous vision born from my mind has come to pass! Troy has fallen! Not by my hand, or wish, but as I foresaw! So now, Fate´s vengeful eye is fixed on me!”

Surely you've ever wondered what does the scene from "The Fall of Troy" in Scream 2. The truth is that most of what we think. Windsor´s drama department intends to represent the play “The Fall of Troy”. Sidney is the protagonist. We can see a parallel between the performance and Sidney´s life. Sid lives fearing unknown identities hidden behind a mask, just like her character. Cassandra was related to disasters because she predicted wars, hunger, proverty… and Sid brings death and blood where she goes. As her mother said in a nightmare: “Everything you touch, Sid, dies.  You're poison…”. The killer also says that: “Always hard being friends with you, Sidney.  When you're friends with Sidney, you die!”

I wish she wouldn't went through the same fate

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