Remembering “Scream 3”

Soon we will know more about the problems in the Scream 3 pre-production. As you know, Ryan Turek spoke with Ehren Kruger and Laeta Kalogridis for the documentary Still Screaming. But… in 1998, during the filming of Teaching Mrs. Tingle, and to mark the upcoming release of Halloween H20, Brian Martin (Halloween Movies webmaster) interviewed Kevin Williamson. Logically, the three topics of conversation were Teaching Mrs Tingle, Halloween H20 and… Scream 3. Apparently, Williamson confessed to have three different ideas for the development of Scream 3 script.

We rescued this interview so you can read it again, but we will focus especially on the part of Scream 3.

"Q: What's the status of SCREAM 3?

KW:I just agreed this week to start writing it. We just struck my deal, so I guess the other deals are starting to follow. I'll be done in April, I'm guessing. We're planning on a December [1999] release.

Q: Will Neve Campbell return?

KW:Well, I guess she needs to wait to see if she has a character. If she doesn't want to be in it, then we'll write it without her. The good thing about SCREAM 3 is I've got three plans. There's the Sid version, the Sid-less version, and…. the bottom line is the story itself doesn't rely so much on her character.

Q:What's the third version?

KW:(Smiling) I can't say. It's not so much about Sidney anymore. It's about the world that was created with "Stab." The story itself thematically works, regardless of who is in it."

In September 1998, was Wes Craven, who started talking about Scream 3. From old Wes Craven website (Wes Craven World).

“The plan is for Kevin Williamson to begin writing in January. That will be about the time we finish shooting FIFTY VIOILINS. While we're doing post-production on FIFTY VIOLINS, Kevin will write. We'll then begin pre-production on SCREAM 3 even while we finish preproduction on FIFTY VIOLINS! We'll probably shoot beginning sometime in early May, when both Nev and Courteney are on hiatus. Right now this is no story that the rest of us know. Supposedly Kevin has an idea, but I don't think it's much more than that. We also don't know if Nev is going to be a part of the movie or not. We think (or hope) that she will be part of SCREAM 3. I've spoken to her once or twice about it, and she expressed a sort of wait-and-see attitude. She wants the script to be 'just right' (very, very good). She does have fears about becoming another 'Scream Queen', which she feels would endanger her being taken seriously as an actress eligible for other kinds of movies. We'll have to wait and see."

One month later, (October 1998), in Entertainment Sci-fi, Williamson talked again about the script of Scream 3.

“The first two movies were about Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott), I think that I should write about a different person for the last one, like Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers)".

Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox confirmed they were back in February-March 1999. On July 14th, Williamson left the writing of Scream 3 script and on July 6th the filming begun.

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