Creepy places

Despite the fact that we don´t have a verification on @officialneve, lots of people believe that this one is the real one. We would be very happy if it gets verified because tonight we´ve got a complement:

@hello_sidney Cool name & site!

And she also answered one of our questions about the script:

@hello_sidney Kev wrote it as he always did, and Ehren Krueger helped cowrite I think. Not really sure though! So dont hold me to that lol

If this is really she, we can´t wait for this scene on "Scream 4":

And we also have some other news:

R.J. Torbert, from Fun World, gave an interview for The Scream Franchise Examiner. Great job Mr. John Valeri!

– Some videos of the backstage showed up in the web. Watch them here, here and here. Before The Trailer posted some set photos. And this one got our attention:

-In closing, I´ve posted a cool spoof of "Scream 2", in Mad Magazine, in our forum. You have to be registered to check out the goodies. Come on, it won´t take you a second – and you will be able to enter some contests that are coming this way.

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