Darius – 14th Anniversary Special


by Darius – Webmaster of Scream Anthology

I was 14 years old when the first movie was released, so the first time I watched the movie was at home, not at the cinema (because I was under the age and I wasn’t allowed to watch those kind of films).

The first time I watched Scream was a couple of weeks before the third one movie (Scream 3) was released on cinemas (on April, 2000). Scream was on TV that night and when I watched the advertisement I said: wow!! I´m looking forward to watch this movie!! But I didn´t know what kind of movie it was (I thought Ghostface was an alien! Hahaha). Then I took a video tape and I remember that I set up the video recorder and went to bed so early. I didn’t watched the film that night, just one scene to verify the video was really recording (it was the scene when Gale Weathers had a car crash while she was driving the newsvan).

Two days later a friend came home and we decide to make popcorn and whatch a movie, and we chose the Scream one. I was really scared with Drew Barrymore´s scene, and that´s why I thought it was too real… I also tought the same when the film was ending ( when Sidney, Billy and Stu were at the kitchen and she noticed that they were the killers). I thought it was disgusting the way they (Billy and Stu) stab each others, but I also thought it was original. I was suprised when the name of the killers were revealed because I thought the killer was probably Neil Prescott or Cotton Weary.

I really love Neve Campbell´s performance and also Courteney´s. I started to watch the Friends TV series because someone told me that Courteney was on it. I really became a superfan, and I always watch a scene from the trilogy every day.

With Scream I learned to respect classics of horror.

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