A dream come true

If you follow HelloSidney.com, you probably heard of Joshua Dudley, creator of the Stab fan movies. We already talked about and showed how dedicated this fan really is, but now, we´ve other news! When Scream 4 debuts in April, the lucky son of a gun will cross the red carpet alongside Wes Craven, Neve Campbell and all the stars of the film – and, since he is a partner of the site, you can expect to see exclusive content from the premiere right here.

“But how did he manage to be there”, you might wonder

Through the website Share and Tell, a site that rewards you for doing exactly what you already do on the web share with your friends selected interesting links (via Facebook and Twitter). But, don´t get envious right now, there is still a chance to win this trip with all expenses paid to the premiere of Scream 4. Just log in into the website and start sharing.

“I can’t wait to go! I just have to remember not to stalk Neve Campbell or Wes Craven while I’m there! Hopefully I’ll at least get to say hi!”, says Joshua.

Stab 5

After Stab 4: Fresh Blood, nothing will be revealed on the storyline of Stab 5, not even the characters’ names in the film. But Dudley did announce a few key points. “The Sarah Campbell storyline is explored further, Heather Gale is back (won’t say how), most of the original cast of Stab 4 is returning somehow, the film is much bloodier than the first, we’re using a tripod all the time, we have new HD cameras and nothing is what it seems.” Intriguing…

Joshua also shared the first exclusive with us. Bellow you can see the props used in Scream 4. "Skip Crank sent them to me, after I begged. Used in Scream 4  – Stab DVD Collection Prop and a close-up of the Stab 4 DVD prop. The pics aren´t the best quality, but I didn't complain! So awesome!"

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