First look? (Updated)

(17:44) R.J. Torbert just replied that this is a fake. But it looks  kinda cool, right?

Horror Bid showed this morning what could be the next action figure that will hang on our shelfes next year: the rotten zombie Ghostface, based on the new masks of Fun World.

"Below is a prototype figure of what we are told is a NECA Rotted zombie Ghostface that will go into production in 2011. Whether this is a separate face (mask) that will come with the standard mask is not know at this point. Also the rumored of Scarecrow Ghostface figure is missing here. Will it make an appearance in the lineup as well? Feast on the pic below".

But it´s not confirmed. Last night, the people at Neca´s Twitter, told the world that they´re still sculpting it. Now, meet Randy Falk, the product developer from Neca, talking about the new releases:

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