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I remember saying that we would be back soon. Once again I thank you for choosing us as your guide. At this time, we will also visit more locations, all of them selected by Wes Craven for Scream 2.

First stop. Rialto Cinema
This is the Rialto cinema. The same as in 1997 premiered Stab, based on the novel written by Gale Weathers: The Woodsboro Murders. The book and movie were based on the murders that were committed by Billy Loomis and Stuart Macher in that locality. Sidney Prescott, Randy Meeks, Gale Weathers and Dwight Riley survived. Come to up the sidewalk, you can admire the box ticket and the lobby. Inside the cinema, were there was a crowd dressed with the same costume as the killer of the murders, one student was killed against the astonishment of everybody. She was stabbed seven times. Her boyfriend was also found dead in the toilets. The premiere had to stop before the end of the film. Someone provided invitations to the victims.
Welcome to Pasadena. This cinema, was chosen by Wes Craven for the beginning of Scream 2, is at 1023 Fair Oaks Ave South Pasadena, CA 91030. Opened on October 17th, 1924 and owned by Landmarck until 1976, has a capacity for 1,200 people. Combine Spanish Baroque architecture with Egyptian. Since 1978 is included in the National Register of Historic Places and is surrounded by cafes, antique shops … Craven and his team used only the exterior and lobby.
For the interior they used a new location: Vista Theatre. 4473 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027. This theater was inaugurated on October 26th, 1923. Its design combines Egyptian and Spanish Renaissance style. Before it had a capacity for 838 people. Here is where they actually shot the scenes of Jada Pinkett character being murdered while Heather Graham scene was displayed on the screen.

Second stop. Windsor College
Listen carefully, the Windsor College is a center that offers all sorts of opportunities for young students. Possibly that your children might study here in the future. This University has witnessed a few crimes in 1997. Exactly the days after the murders of Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens at the Rialto cinema. Here, a young woman was thrown from the balcony, a film student (who survived the massacre of Woodsboro) was stabbed in a news van, another young man was found crucified… It is something we can not overlook, and that actually happened … but I give my sincere word that this place is one of the quietest in the world. Here your children can be distracted or wander through its gardens, visit the library, sharing a room with other students. Do not worry, there is a police station very close to campus.
The team chose this university locations for the development of Scream 2. The Winsor College is Agnes Scott College, a university center for women only located at 141 East College Avenue, Decatur. Georgia Founded in 1889 as Decatur Female Seminary. In 1890 its name was changed to Agnes Scott, and in 1906 by Agnes Scott College. Is included in the National Register of Historic Places and offers arts education. It is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.
Ladies and gentlemen, here we terminate our visit today, after visiting the places where Ms. Loomis tried to carry out his revenge. I’m sure many of you have seen Stab 2, and I hope we do not forget that we have shown the “real” scenarios about “real” murders.

Coffee Shop

It is at Kerckhoff Coffee House that, over a couple of Baskin-Robbins sundaes, film geek Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) informs Deputy Dewey of the highly-specific set of rules that all horror sequels abide by.


Again, some of those images came from the blog I Am Not a Stalker!

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