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Nobody offers a trip like us: totally free. Fasten your seatbelts because we start our last tour. Now we are going to visit new locations chosen by Wes Craven and his crew for the filming of Scream 3. Logically, the final stage for a “cinephile” series was Hollywood. Welcome to Los Angeles. Hollywood is the place, where dreams come true.

Hollywood Sign
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. This iconic monument is located in Griffith Park, southeast of Mount Lee and north of Mulholland Street. Each white big letter has a height of 13.70 meters. Its origin dates back to 1923, when it was created for an advertising campaign and originally read Hollywoodland. It is the main symbol of U.S.A. cinema.
In 1923,a 24 years stage actress named Peg Entwistle committed suicide jumping into the gap since the letter "H". A few years later, in 1940, the city began to take over the maintenance of the symbol. In 1949, the Hollywood Chamber of Comerce repaired and removed the sign "Land" of the mountain. Since then, every so often, the symbol has undergone several reconstructions and maintenance. In 1973 it was considered a Los Angeles Cultural Historical Monument.
The opening scene of Scream 3 begins with the image of the Hollywood sign lit by the lights of a helicopter. Initially, the monument would have more prominence. Apparently, one of the drafts of the script, an actor from Stab 3, Ben Damon, found his girlfriend (an actress from Stab 2) hanging dead from one of the letters of the sign. The truth would have been an amazing and shocking opening. Christine corpse might have been found there by her own boyfriend, Cotton.

“Ben passes under the huge, pallid "H" in the sign. What seems at first like a gentle raindrop, beads down Ben's forehead. He rolls back his head, his legs turning to jelly, his eyes widening in horror.




Has been gutted from neck to groin. She has been fastened to the cross-bar in

the "H" with heavy rope. Her lifeless body sways ever so gently in the

Southern California wind. Utterly horrified, Ben staggers into the shadows,

not seeing –“

Capitol Records Tower

Capitol Records tower was designed by architect Welton Becket. It is owned by Capitol Records and it is located on Wine Street. It has a height of 150 meters, 13 floors. This building was designed to withstand the frequent earthquakes in Los Angeles.
You can find the Capitol Tower at 1750 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA. If you remember well, the street Vine Street was mentioned by the journalist who reported from the helicopter and you can see it when Cotton is driving so fast in order to try to save his girlfriend’s life. Right in front of the building featured a billboard with the poster of the television program called 100% Cotton.

Ripley's Believe or Not! Hollywood Museum
Welcome to Hollywood Boulevard! Do you like the design of this museum? There are another museums like this one in the South of America. This is a franchise created by Robert LeRoy Ripley in order to showing all the items that he collected during his years as an adventurer. You will not find art in this museum because it is an oddities one. Look at the dinosaur which appears in its facade with a giant clock. It's really fantastic.
Ripley´s museum is located at the 6780 Hollywood Boulevard, CA. Like the Capitol Records tower, it has a cameo appearance in Scream 3, when Cotton´s car drives too fast on the road and is almost involved in a car crash. The team chose some of the most distinctive places in Los Angeles in order to give a more realistic touch to the film.

Cotton's House
Do you remember Cotton Weary? Yes, of course, the host of 100% Cotton. Several years ago, in 1995, was jailed for the murder of Maureen Prescott. A year later, when it was discovered that the perpetrators of the murder of Maureen had been Billy Loomis and Stu Macher… he was out of prison. Cotton always had a good relationship with Gale Weathers, the host of Total Entertainment. She always claimed he was innocent. Cotton went through the Windsor College murders and he survived. In 1999, when he had become the most watched show host country, he was killed by Roman Bridger. Cotton was planning to make a small cameo in the movie Stab 3. He and his girlfriend Christine were murdered in a flat which is located in this building. The police found them dead next to a picture of Maureen Prescott. Believe it or not… Nancy O'Dell was the journalist who covered the bad news from this same point. Do you remember the Sunrise Studios murders?
This home was chosen for the initial killings, and it was owned by two silent film stars Norma Talmadge and Gilbert Roland. It was built in 1929 and today the house is divided into apartments which are rented.
The beginning of Scream 3 was shot several times. As it was a private place, they couldn’t shot some scenes again there. That´s the reason why they tried to build in the studio the inside of that house as similar as the original one.

Sunrise Studios
Possibly all of you have always dreamed of visiting a movie studio. These are the Sunrise Studios, responsible of titles like, Stab, Stab 2, Stab 3, It walked from the waves, Nightcrawlers, There's something about Carrie, Amazombies, The first house on the right and so more. It used to be dedicated to horror films, but what really became the focal point of attention… were the murders in 1999. During the filming of Stab 3 all the artistic team was killed by the director (Roman Bridger): Jennifer Jolie, Tom Prinze, Tyson Fox, Angelina Tyler, John Milton, Sarah Darling… I´ll tell you a secret: Tori Spelling, Heather Graham and David Schwimmer were here filming Stab.
Sunrise Studios is actually the CBS Studio Center. It is located 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, San Fernando Valley. The CBS bought the location in 1963, which it had previously belonged to Keystone Studios(responsible of the Chaplin’s films). CBS filmed many TV show at this place for years. All Sunrise Studios scenes were shot here. He even built replicas of the houses of Sidney Prescott and Stu Macher as a set of  the movie Stab 3. Entertainment Tonight visited the site in September 1999 for a story on the shooting.

Replay Cafe
Does anyone want to have a cup of coffee? Some sources say that here have been seen two survivors of the Woodsboro murders: Gale Weathers and Dwight Riley.
8607 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, California. In this cafe, Dewey and Gale talk about their relationship, about how they were moving away after the Windsor murders and the reasons why they moved to Los Angeles alone. Gale had an chance at  60 Minutes II, and Dewey was introduced in Sunrise Studios as technical advisor in order to investigate who were looking for Sidney Prescott’s secret files a few months before.

MacArthur Park
Admire this great park of Los Angeles. It was built in 1880 with the name of Westlake Park, was later called Lincoln Park, and finally MacArthur Park. The center contains a large lake and its surrounding numerous skyscrapers.
This is the park that can be seen from the office of John Milton. When Jennifer, Dewey and Gale enter the producer's office to ask about Maureen Prescott, you can see the lake behind him. Possibly, Wes Craven chose an office of one of these nearby skyscrapers.

John Milton´s mansion
I hope you are not afraid, because this house is really scary. Paramour Mansion was built in 1923 by architect Robert Farquhar. It belonged to the spanish star Antonio Moreno and his wife, Daisy Canfield Danzinger.  Moreno´s wife had an accident in 1933 and rumors about her ghost lives on in the residence have stood the test of time. Now is a recording studio in Los Angeles, Silverlake, but it had many uses, one of them as a school of girls, convent for nuns. In 1998, a philanthropist, Dana Hollister, bought the property. Some artist like Him, Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance… have recorded some records here.
It was here where Maureen Prescott was raped in the 70's. Here also Roman Bridger tried to kill her sister, Sidney Prescott, and  "apparently" it was here where the Ghostface murders were finally over.
Canfield-Moreno Residence and Complex, 1923 Micheltorena Street, Silverlake. In 1998 it was used in the film Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later as the prestigious institute Hill Crest. In Scream 3 was the mansion of horror film producer John Milton. It took place around the end of the trilogy. The end of the movie might took place at the set of Stab 3, with the houses appeared in the films:  Sidney Prescott’s, Stuart Macher’s and Casey Becker’s. Then the script changed and they decided to use this mansion. The house also has appeared in the documentary Going to Pieces.

Ladies and gentlemen. My work has finished. Thank you for your care and safe journey home.

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