A night with the stars…

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by Joshua Dudley

Monday night, April 11, 2011 was one of the most exciting nights of my life! Thanks to ShareAndTell.com I won a trip to attend the Scream 4 Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California! The night was full of fun, surprises, famous faces and friends! And best of off, I got to see Scream 4 a whole 4 days before the rest of the world!

Waiting for the event all day on Monday was long, I kept sneaking out of my hotel room to run to down Grauman’s Theatre to check out the progress. The first time I went down, they had only hung up two Scream 4 posters. So I went back an hour later and discovered that the red carpet had been laid out and press spots had begun to be set up. A couple of hours later, I visited again to find cameras, way more Scream 4 posters, security and press! It was almost time!

I went back to my hotel to get ready, where I waited for my beautiful date, Miss Ashley Alexander and my new friend, Scream Franchise Examiner‘s John Valeri! After posing for a few pics in the hotel lobby, we headed down to the premiere, our smiles stretched widely across our faces! Walking onto the red carpet was like instant chaos, we got out tickets from a Will Call table set up to the side of the theater and then proceeded to make our way down the red carpet, only to be hurried inside the theater by security! We missed all the celebs posing for the press!

But, lucky for us, they were all coming inside! While waiting for the movie to begin, I spotted my first recognizable face of the night, Mr. Marco Beltrami, the composer of all the Scream movies! I approached him, nervously for some reason, and professed my love for his talent! We had a very pleasant conversation and I eve had the opportunity to meet his beautiful wife! After grabbing John Valeri so start celebrity stalking with me, I found Jamie Kennedy, who was very cool and very nice! And basically as soon as we turned around from Jamie, we discovered Anthony Anderson! Another one who was very nice and I told him, jokingly, that I was excited to see him die! He laughed and so did we, before returning to our seats.

As I sat down, my date Ashley pointed out Anna Paquin sitting a few rows over from us. I approached her with butterflies in my stomach, because let’s face it, I was about to meet SOOKIE! As I approached, I noticed she was talking with another girl, who I rested my elbow on as I interrupted them to speak to Anna. Well, it turns out, my elbow was resting on Kristen Bell! After chatting with them briefly, they two posed for a pic or two with us! As I returned to my seat, Ashley’s celebrity radar was again buzzing, this time she had found Carolyn Hennesy, from Cougar Town! Carolyn was one of the nicest people I met that night and we had a great conversation!

I did meet a few others from the cast of Cougar Town, but I met them in the restroom and thought it would be awkward to ask them to pose for a picture while we were peeing lol So needless to say, I missed a few shots. Another shot I missed was with Hayden Panettiere. Zach, the other Share and Tell contest winner, was able to pose with her, but she snubbed me… I don’t have anything else nice to say on the topic, so I won’t continue… lol

We were forced to return to our seats as the movie was about to begin. Several other starts streamed by us as they ran to their seats including Lucy Hale, Shenae Grimes, Marley Shelton and finally… NEVE CAMPBELL! I had been searching for Neve the whole night, and the back of her head was as much as I was going to get to see!

Before the movie began, Bob Weinstein and Wes Craven both gave speeches, which were both sentimental and humorous. Finally the movie started. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will give you my brief rundown: OPENING: Hilarious & surprising – DEATH SCENES: Bloody & lots of deaths – SCRIPT: Awesome and totally a Kevin Williamson script – ENDING: Epic! STAB FOOTAGE: YES! Over all, I loved Scream 4. I did have a few small complaints, none big enough to even list here! GO SEE SCREAM 4!

After the premiere, we were able to talk with and meet a few more celebs, including Alison Brie, Adam Brody, Erik Knudsen, Marilyn Manson, Seth Green, Dax Sheppard, WES CRAVEN AND COURTENEY COX! Everyone from the cast and crew were a pleasure to meet, but obviously I was most excited about meeting Wes! What an honor and a privilege. Mr. Craven has served as a constant inspiration to me and I’m sure to many of you! He was waaaaaaaaaaaay nicer than you’d expect and very sweet. Intelligence radiated from every word he spoke and he made me feel very at ease! Courteney Cox was also crazy nice and very funny, even cracking jokes about not having time to talk to me!

The Scream 4 premiere was one of the most exciting nights of my life and I wish I had the chance to do it all over again! Who knows, maybe I’ll get to go to the premiere of Scream 5 in a year or two!

Joshua Dudley
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