Who are you in SCREAM?

Which character are you in the 1996 cult classic? Take the test and discover!


Hello there! How are you feeling today?

What's your zodiac sign?

What archetype would be more fun to play?

What's your favorite classic scary movie?

They are making a movie about your life. Who would they cast?

In a kill or be killed situation, what's your weapon of choice?

Someone offends you on Twitter...

What's your motive?

Who are you in SCREAM?
I am TATUM RILEY in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

You're not just the helpless victim and you should have been in the sequel! But, sometimes, you get stuck in the middle of things... or pet doors. 
I am SIDNEY PRESCOTT in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

You're not just a big breasted girl who runs upstairs when you should be going by the front door. Well... you do... But the point is: You own the movie - whether it is a romantic comedy, a scary slasher... or even a good porno. 
I am STU MACHER in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

And you're peer pressured. The need of belonging, to be accepted by the ones you admire is sometimes overwhelming. But you have to ask yourself: will your mom and dad be very mad at you by the actions you took to fit in? 
I am BILLY LOOMIS in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

You rely on that charm and distracting bubble butt of yours to trick people into your game. Those red herrings are just like the corn syrup used as pig's blood in "Carrie" - they serve to cover up the fact that you're a cutie and a creative psycho that go a little mad sometimes.
I am DEWEY RILEY in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

And there are days you feel janitor is your superior. But you have to keep in mind what your mama told you: when you wear that badge, you are the man of the law! 
I am RANDY MEEKS in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

You know the rules to abide by to survive a horror movie and that the beauty of it all is simplicity! You know too much, and that prevents you from losing your virginity. Later in life, you'll be glad for that. 
I am GALE WEATHERS in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

Saving men's lives, writing Pulitzer prize books and sending copies of it are some of your ambitions. So, anyone in your way better start moving their fat tub of lard ass, NOW!
I am CASEY BECKER in SCREAM! And you? Take the test!

Everyone wants to see what your insides look like. You usually dismiss them because they have 900 numbers for that - and you have that big football player bf of yours for this. 

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