Steffen Hågensen – 14th Anniversary Special


by Steffen Hågensen – @norwegianscream

20th of December 1996, a movie that changed the whole horror genre hit the big screen ..

I was only 10 years old when Scream came, and unfortunate I did not have the opportunity to see it then..
But 2 years later when it came on the old VHS tapes, I saved up some cash and bought it as soon it arrived the video store, and my god how much I loved it!

Scream was the first horror movie I saw, and I was hooked from day one..

The first time I heard about Scream was through a tv magazine, and what came to mind was ” I have to see this movie!”
exactly one hour later, I saw the trailer on tv and that was the day before I bought the VHS..

From the first minute of the film I knew that this film was going to be a huge success, because the first time you watch this movie you get in this dark mood (at least I did), and then you become a little scared, especially when you’re at an young age like I was back then..
I remember hiding behind my big pillow when Ghost Face runs past the screen for the first time and to that point where Casey gets it!

I also remember that I was thinking that ” This person have seen way too many movies and become a psychopath ”
The mask the killer was wearing also made this film even more creepier, because it could be anyone!
Then the title SCREAM came, and the words “Oh my god, here we go ” came to mind..
I was thrilled and scared through out the entire movie, and when the credits came, I was speechless!
The actors where great, the humour where great and the Scary parts…….YEAH!
What really stood out with this movie was all the mysteries, and the revealing of the two killers really shocked me!

Before the movie I did not know anything about Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson and the cast except Neve, which I recognized from “Party of Five” and Drew from “E.T”..

So why do I love Scream? hm.. very hard to explain, but let’s put like this; Why do you love you girlfriend/ fiancé/ Wife?

It’s all in your blood and your feelings, because you know when something hits your heart with a force so strong, that it ignites everything inside your body with happiness and joy!
To this date, Scream is the only movie that has left me with that feeling!
Everytime I feel sad and let down, watching Scream is the only way to forget all the bad things! It’s like therapy you know..

I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since the film’s debut!
14 years, and I’m still hooked on it, maybe even more!

In this little town where I live, I’ve been known as the strange and mysterious Scream geek through all these years, and not in a good way, but you what; I don’t care 🙂

There’s someone that have become my second family, and that is you guys! (The Scream Team)
Hardcore fans of other films and franchises fights and argues, but we keep a good and peaceful tone to each other, and that is something I really love about being a Scream fan, and for that I wish to thank each and everyone of you 🙂

It’s an honor to have get to know you guys 🙂

I also want to thank R.J Torbert and Jennifer Siff from FUN WORLD for the generosity by giving me great gifts, and that means alot 🙂

Only 114 days until Scream 4, and I have GREAT feeling that this movie will be best movie this decade 🙂
Spread the word about the new movie and be proud of yourself by being a Scream fan! 🙂

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