Their favorite scary movies…

What's your favorite scary movie?  Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Wes Craven… they also have a predilection for some horror titles. They confesed their favorite horror films years ago in the interviews for DVD extras. Do you want to know their fears? Pay attention.

What´s your favorite movie?

Neve Campbell: The Shining and The Changeling

Courteney Cox: Rose Mary´s baby

Jamie Kennedy: Salem´s Lot

Rose McGowan: Any psychological thrillers

Kevin Williamson: Halloween (of course)

Wes Craven: Hitchcock´s films, Night of the Living Dead, Alien, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Dan Arredondo: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Cathy Konrad: Friday the 13th

Marianne Maddalena: The Birds and The Exorcist

Why do you watch horror movies?

Wes Craven: It´s a release of tension, you get rid of some fears.

Linda Blair: It´s a form of excitement.

Matthew Lillard: It gives you a rush.

Jamie Kennedy: It´s scary like to get shocked or jolted.

Neve Campbell: Everyone has an evil side that doesn´t get acted out, and it needs some sort of release.

Kevin Williamson: It appeals to get scared, it´s an addrenalin rush.

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