True screamer

Joshua Dudley took his love for "Scream" movies one step too far.

Literally! Next month he´ll debut on the internet "Stab 4: Fresh Blood", a fan movie based on the film-within-a-film that we all would love to watch.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Joshua Dudley. I’m (almost) 25, live in New Hampshire and I love the SCREAM movies! I work as a writer, writing teen fantasy novels.

Are you a film student? What are your career plans?

I am not a film student, though I did study video production in high school. I have been making my own amateur movies ever since I was about 7 years old. I’ve always loved to perform/write/direct. There’s just something about the organization of it all that really appeals to me. But, at best, I’d still call myself an amateur film-maker. I plan to continue to write books and scripts, we’ll see if anyone ever buys them!

What are the major difficulties of being an independent filmmaker?

First: money. I’m broke. Broker than broke. Stab 4 was made on a budget of roughly $300.00 and even that was pushing it! Luckily we have some great sponsors who helped us out with sets/fabric, etc. (, The second most painful aspect is scheduling. I never realized how hard it really is to align 10-20 actors in the same place. Some of the scenes in Stab 4 suffer from them, we’re missing a few establishing shots. However, overall I am quite proud of the entire production and I can’t wait to do it again!

To carry out "Stab 4", did you have any help? Some funding or support from any company?

No financial help, but Manhattan Fabrics provided us (free of charge) with the fabric we used for our GhostFace costume and we used Pilates at the Mill to film a dance scene for Stab 4. A bunch of the cast members donated clothes for the wardrobe, their houses for sets and sacrificed pieces of their own clothing for their bloody death scenes. Holly Waniski and Lyndsey Nolan did Hair and Make-Up for most of the scenes, and they were volunteers, who even used their own supplies! Stab 4 was really a team effort!

What is your intention with "Stab 4"? Where are you going with the movie?

My initial intention when making Stab 4 was simply to share the love of Scream movies with big fans like myself. I figured if they were anything like me, they needed something to hold them over until April 15, 2011 when Scream 4 comes out. I just wanted to explore what it would be like to Self-Analyze a Stab Movie. The characters are in Stab 4, but they know about the Stab Movies. In fact, it’s all they talk about. But now my goal has evolved, into something more. I learned a lot about filming and writing while producing Stab 4. Some of my characters fall a little flat, we’re missing some shots/angles, and some weird audio mess-ups… but most of it is just me being picky. Stab 5 will be GREAT, better than Stab 4, and I hope the films will continue to get better and better as we progress. Stab 5 is based on the same idea, but kind of to the next level. I think everyone will be surprised with what we do.

Tell us about the reactions of the public. How is the reception of the idea of this movie?

I, literally, have only read two negative comments so far. So I’d say it’s being received well! We get so much praise and have such great fans, it feels great! It’s so nice to know that people both understand and appreciate what we are doing. Someday, I hope people can own these films; I’d kill to get them on the DVD release of Scream 4 as bonus features! Petition anyone!?! (lol)

What are your favorite filmmakers and movies?

That’s a great question! I seriously haven’t been asked that yet! Obviously, I love Wes Craven and Scream. Hitchcock always knew what was up, too. He’s the man. Martin Scorsese has also done some really good stuff!! Movies… I’m really picky about. I end up watching a lot of kid movies and superhero movies. I like action… but most action movies have terrible story lines. I like drama… but you can only take some much. Comedy is another favorite… but that’s also tricky. And horror, I love horror, but honestly, I’m not a fan of excessive gore and I’ve vowed never to watch another horror movie that has a rape scene—it’s just too much for me to handle personally. Yes it’s scary… but we know it’s scary. I don’t need to see it.

What is your favorite scary movie?

Scream 2. All time favorite. I loved the opening… the idea of the Stab films… Sarah Michelle Gellar is the love of my life… and they killed Randy! I didn’t see it coming and I applaud the filmmakers for taking chances! I warned my entire cast, “no one is safe on the set of Stab or Scream. Get used to it. You all might die!

Now, an exclusive sneak peek on "Stab 4: Fresh Blood" :

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