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By the book…
SCREAM DECONSTRUCTED a definitive book for SCREAM fans
A must have
"Inside Story" documentary included on trilogy blu-ray!
Hayden Panettiere homages SCREAM on the next issue of NYLON
Home scary home
Take a tour for the filming locations of SCREAM in Santa Rosa

Explore the movie

Everything about SCREAM (1996), movie directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson.
» Trivia
Fun facts, trivia and references of SCREAM (1996).
» Premiere and more
Gallery of photos of the cast of SCREAM in events like the premiere, promotional appearances and awards.
» Music
The music and score – composed by Marco Beltrami – of SCREAM (1996).
» Videos
Videos, interviews, behind the scenes footage and documentaries of SCREAM (1996).

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