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Preorder SCREAM now!
While the movie just hits #1 in the USA, the preorder of it in various formats is already available for preorder.
The preview of the box office and the critics + audience scores for SCREAM and the latest events of SCREAMWEEK.
The trio on The Drew Barrymore Show, Escape the Scream House Game, New Poster & Clip + Giveaway!
SCREAM: Soundtracks to die for
Varèse Sarabande releases Brian Tyler’s music score for SCREAM and a killer box set for the legacy films.
Scream turns 25
On the 25th anniversary of SCREAM social media is taken by celebration and never seen before content.
Halloween Screams
New poster, promotional photo and a comprehensive oral story of the original SCREAM.

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Everything about SCREAM (1996), movie directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson.
» Trivia
Fun facts, trivia and references of SCREAM (1996).
» Premiere and more
Gallery of photos of the cast of SCREAM in events like the premiere, promotional appearances and awards.
Scream » Music
The music and score – composed by Marco Beltrami – of SCREAM (1996).
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Videos, interviews, behind the scenes footage and documentaries of SCREAM (1996).

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