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Something that differentiated “Scream” of other films of its genre was its ability to connect all of them. Two were specially honored. Two classics of previous generations: “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th“, by which the writer, Kevin Williamson, has always been an aficionado.

In the introduction to his screenplay into a book, Williamson speaks openly about his passion and the first time that he watched “Halloween” in theaters and how it changed his life in October 1978, when he was only 12 years.

“Halloween was my revelation. I already knew my love of movies was bordering obsessive but had no idea of how fixated I was until the experience of Halloween. The movie frightened me beyond belief. I sat, white-knuckled, between Shelley and her mother. I remember vividly how I kept grabbing Shelley’s mother every time Michael Myers appeared”.

“Halloween was the film that opened my eyes”.

Oh, and we can see that, Mr. Williamson.

In the original script, Williamson didn’t imagined the mask’s shape. But of course it was a reference to “The Shape”. That bleached white mask mimicking the traits of William Shatner.


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