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I like scary movies since I know myself as a person. Being an 80s child, I was born into a world that was recently introduced to slashers like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street. It was a very defining time to the structure of the whole genre.

The poster I’ve designed for the doc SCREAM: THE INSIDE STORY, that ended up being printed on the official SCREAM TRILOGY BLU-RAY.

Then, when I was 16, SCREAM came along.

Changed my perspective on films forever and impacted my life very positively. On professional and personal scopes. I believe it was the same for a lot of you.

The first site I ever built, in my graphic design career, was dedicated to this movie. But HelloSidney.com became a reality only in 2011 when SCREAM 4 was greenlighted.

Article after article, it grew, to the point where Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson, R.J. Torbert (from Fun World), and many other people who have worked in the film were acknowledging and following us on the social networks.

Another highlight was contributing to the documentary  Scream: The Inside Story for Bio Channel and being credited for that. And the coolest part is that the poster I’ve created for this was stamped the official blu-ray of the (then) Scream Trilogy.

Ever since, many cool this happened, including interviewing the cast and crew, visiting “Woodsboro”, making a video call with Neve Campbell, and participating in the official marketing of the fifth film.

Also in 2022, HelloSidney.com was invited by the company Handmade By Robots to officially present two of their exclusives. The bloody Ghost Face was sold out after 4 hours of preordering.

Exclusive Interviews

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RADIO SILENCE – PART I: A conversation about Wes Craven, scary movies, and SCREAM (1996). [Read] (07/27/2021)

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RADIO SILENCE – PART III: A discussion about the cast (alumni and new) and filming during the pandemic. [Read] (07/27/2021)

TORI SPELLING: Scream 2 & Stab. [Read]

HS in the media

BLOODY DISGUSTING: ‘Scream’: Directors Tease the “Unique Risks” and Franchise Easter Eggs You’ll Find in Next Year’s New Movie. By John squires. [Read] (08/03/2021)

SMITHSONIAN MAG: How ‘Scream’ Explored the Exploitative Nature of the Nightly News. By Michelle Delgado. [Read] (10/29/2021)

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Ashley Bevilacqua Lampton, Anthony Torres, Brendan McWhirk, Brett Vickerman, Charlie Mullen, Derek Hughes, Lito Velasco, Nate Ragon, Mary Olson, Matheus Guimarães, Meggy Blaine, Michael McHoul, R.J. Torbert, Roberto de Carvalho Neto, Tim Wagstaff, and the friends of Paramount Pictures.

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