Wes Craven was a legend.

One common trait about legends is that they usually bring people together in many types of conversations surrounding their actions and creations. Sometimes, their work can even change lives.

Wes and SCREAM changed mine. Because of his impact on the world, I have a thousand cool stories, gained deeper perceptions about movies, and met fantastic people.

Last week I had the distinguished pleasure of getting to know and talk with the filmmakers to whom we now owe another fantastic encounter with Sid, Dewey, Gale… and Ghost Face!

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett and Chad Villella are, respectively, the directors and producer of SCREAM (2022), aka SCREAM 5.

For the brief period I got to experience conversing with them, the debt I feel as a fan never crossed their minds: they are a very generous, cool, down to earth and welcoming team.

As you’ll perceive, in the 3 part series of videos that resulted from this great convo – I really could picture them talking for hours. They are passionate about everything revolving around movies – especially thrillers, horror, Wes and, of course, SCREAM. Original and new.

Having watched their creative filmography, I already had complete trust that my favorite franchise was in the right hands. After speaking to them, I’m even more excited – because, like me, you’ll understand that for them, it isn’t work: they made a movie that, as fans, they would love to watch.

Radio Silence Exclusive Interview

PART I: A conversation about Wes Craven, scary movies, and SCREAM (1996). [Read]

PART II:  A talk about SCREAM (2022), aka SCREAM 5. [Read]

PART III: A discussion about the cast (alumni and new) and filming during the pandemic. [Read]


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