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Filming locations

College is a place for experimentation and some scares!

This guide is divided on the locations in Georgia and California and the information was provided by I am not a stalker website.

Rialto Theatre

Located at 1023 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena.

Rialto Theatre (Interior)

Vista Theatre on 4473 Sunset Drive, Los Feliz.

Stab House

Located at 5730 Busch Drive, Malibu.

Windsor College

The university is Agnes Scott College, located at 141 E College Ave, Decatur, Georgia.

Omega Beta Zeta Sorority House

Located at 2186 East Crary Street, Altadena.

Delta Lambda Zeta Sorority House

Located at 350 South Grand Avenue, Pasadena.


Kerckhoff Coffeehouse located on Kerckhoff Hall, Level 2, UCLA, 308 Westwood Plaza, Westwood.

Police Station

This was a set built on Lindsey Studios Warren, that is now permanently closed. It is located at 25241 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, CA 91355.

Windsor Film School

Lecture Hall/Hallway located at Humanities Building, A51, UCLA, 415 Portola Plaza, Westwood.

Car crash scene

Green Street in between South Los Robles Avenue and Madison Avenue, Pasadena.

Windsor College Theatre (Exterior)

Kerckhoff Hall, UCLA, 308 Westwood Plaza, Westwood.

Windsor College Theatre (Interior)

Variety Arts Theatre at 940 South Figueroa Street, downtown L.A..

Windsor College Theatre (Interior)

Variety Arts Theatre at 940 South Figueroa Street, downtown L.A. – this is the place where they’ve also filmed the “film discussion” scene.

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