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Welcome to Woodsboro, California.

The fictional city was a composition of Santa Rosa, Glen Ellen, Sonoma and Healdsburg. Back in 2016, this website visited some of those locations and the article you can read here.

Enjoy to explore those places in here, but note that some are private properties and you should not be trespassed.

Becker’s House

Wes Craven and Marianne Maddalena personally chose this house located on Sonoma Mountain Road, Glen Ellen, Route 12, southeast of Santa Rosa. It is very secluded and you won’t be able to visit – or even find it without having an invitation.

Fun fact: It is very close to the house they’ve used in Cujo (1983). Santa Rosa is located 55 miles North of San Francisco and is worldwide known for its vineyards.

Prescott’s House

The victorian style house – an horror classic type of architecture – was built in 1995. It is another location surrounded by  vineyards that you cannot visit without authorization.

Sidney Prescott’s house address is 1820 Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.

Woodsboro High School

Sonoma Community Center was the second option to be this fictional school. On the ending credits of SCREAM you can read “No thanks whatsoever to the Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board” – they were concerned about the movie violence forcing the production to head to 276 East Napa Street, Sonoma.

Woodsboro Town Square

This charming town square is known from its farm-to-table cuisine and winery. It is a simple but sophisticated place.

There you’ll find the fountain where the teens of SCREAM used to kill time. Located at Healdsburg Town Square, Healdsburg, CA 95448, EUA.

Woodsboro Police Station

This used to be a real police station, but after the filming, it became Oakville Grocery store located at 124 Matheson Street, Healdsburg.

A few steps ahead, you’ll find the corner were Sid punches Gale – but the door was removed.

Riley’s House

Another victorian house that belonged to a nice old lady at the time they’ve filmed SCREAM. You can see updated images here.

It is very close to where they filmed Pollyanna (1960) and Shadow of a Doubt (1943) – Fun Fact: apparently the Ghost Face mask was found by Marianne Maddalena, in this house the while she and Wes were scouting locations in Santa Rosa.

Grocery Store

The bodega located in Santa Rosa still exists and is called Pacific Market. Their slogan is “Your neighborhood grocer”.

Since I’m Not a Stalker was there in 2019, the place has passed for a few renovations. The photo belongs to that amazing website.

Located at 1465 Town and Country Drive, Santa Rosa, CA, USA.

Video Store

Before Netflix, people used to rent their movies physically on video stores – it seems to be ancient history, but Bradley’s Video was one of those places.

To the nostalgic, Bloody Disgusting once rescued the place’s story.

Located at 3080 Marlow Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, USA.

Macher’s House

261 Turner Lane is actually 3871 Tomales Petaluma Rd, Tomales, CA 94971. The huge property nowadays hosts several weddings and even som SCREAM themed events. You can even book a date for you and your friends on their website.

The iconic house was rebuilt on set in SCREAM 3 and SCREAM 5 and appeared in at least two other films: Running Wild (2017) and Dog Lover (2016).

All photos of this location were gently provided by Meggy Blaine. Check it out the video of her visit here.

The warehouse

If you think that the whole movie was shot in location, there’s a surprise! Some sets were built in a warehouse  – it was shown by SCREAM: THE INSIDE STORY and then discovered by I am not a stalker.

The scenes of Himbry’s office, Sid’s bedroom and the school bathroom scene were all shot there.

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