Interview with SCREAM’s Jasmin Savoy Brown

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When Jasmin Savoy Brown was cast in SCREAM – along with the many professionals joining forces with directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett on the relaunch of the franchise – I knew this project would be much, MUCH more than just a sequel. It wouldn’t be just a “cash-in on all the movie murder hoopla” at all. Her casting indicated what they were looking for first and foremost in this film – rising talent.

Whoever watched Jasmin on The Leftovers, Sound of Violence and Yellowjackets (the best show airing right now, that coincidentally airs its season finale when SCREAM is released next week) knows what I’m talking about.

In addition to her immense talent, Jasmin is a queer black woman providing representation and a voice for minorities everywhere – and will now do so in our favorite horror franchise. For me personally, it is powerful and emotional to see her wearing an LGBTQIA+ pin on the movie poster.

Through the entire marketing process of the new installment, Jasmin was very approachable, adorable, and fun to interact with on social media. So, when I requested and was given the opportunity to finally meet her, it was a very special and exciting experience for me.

Watch our virtual encounter and get to know a little more about Mindy Meeks-Martin, the niece of the legendary Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) – an apple that didn’t fall very far from the tree.

SCREAM opens officially in the United States next Friday (January 14). Get your tickets now!

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