EXCLUSIVE: Radio Silence answers SCREAM questions

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The SCREAM legacy was the focus during the second part of my conversation with Radio Silence, the innovative and talented, collective filmmaking unit formed by producer Chad Villella and directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.

With all the SCREAM movies, legacy is very front and center. And they all build so successfully on one another while also being totally original in their own right. And, that was something that, from the start, we knew was going to be essential in this work and that was a love letter to all the movies and, of course, to Wes. But also was going to take some of its own unique risks”, says Gillet.

One of those risks was losing the numeral near the title. According to Matt, their mission was to make “A standalone good movie“.

But, how could it be possible to merge legacy and a fresh new start?

A lot of it came from the script, where the entry point is accessible to everybody. This isn’t a movie that you need to have seen 27 other movies to understand […] But, your experience will be extremely heightened the more knowledge you have of those previous four“, he explains, and then promises: “We have a ton of easter eggs“.

The new film continues another SCREAM tradition, which would be unfathomable if broken: the self-aware commentary and current state of horror.

It wouldn’t be a SCREAM movie if it wasn’t self-referential and didn’t talk about, you know, where the genre is at in a kind of pop culture sense“, recalls Tyler.

Regarding the trailer, there’s something that could be further delaying the first peak at the anticipated sequel : The puzzle of assembling footage without revealing many specifics about the plot, death scenes, or other spoilers, like “Halloween Kills” fell victim to with its most recent trailer.

That’s going to be the challenge with the trailer. There’s a lot in this movie that can be spoiled really easily. We’re so curious to see how the marketing department is going to thread the needle. Because it’s a very narrow one“, teases Gillett.

But, if the plot is under a lot of secrecy, the rating was predictable: “The movie is rated R“, confirms Chad Villella.

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