Tori Spelling will SCREAM again

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We are lucky to have Tori Spelling. One of the best meta jokes that travelled from SCREAM to land perfectly on SCREAM 2 involved her name. And also her ability to take things lightly and with a phenomenal sense of humor.

We’ll get to hear Tori Spelling herself saying that infamous line this Wednesday (21), at 5PM PST, in a Clubhouse table read of SCREAM!

Clubhouse table reads are becoming more and more common. As an audio only app it allows for users to communicate or listen and isn’t constrained by time like other social media apps. This provides a unique opportunity for creators to provide a fun new experience in the form of audio narratives” tells Ryan Murphy, the project and content creator for Your Horror Show, a digital anthology series.

Tori took time from her vacation to talk to us about this fun adventure.

How was it to be part of the SCREAM frenzy during the 90s? Filming with Wes Craven and participating in that bloody and iconic Rolling Stone photoshoot?
It was so much fun! I auditioned for the first SCREAM and knew I wouldn’t get it because there was a line making fun of me. But, it made me laugh, so I went for it. Luckily, being able to laugh at myself paid off because Wes Craven cast me as Sidney in the movie within the movie STAB. I have always been a huge horror fan and specifically Wes Craven so it was an absolute honor to work with him. And, the iconic photoshoot for Rolling Stone was so much fun. And, imagine my surprise when I got the cover!

Iya Labunka, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wes Craven and Tori Spelling SCREAM 2 premiere
Rolling Stone - The Girls of Scream 2
Rolling Stone - The girls of SCREAM 2

What are your expectations for this amazing idea of doing a table read and being Sidney Prescott once more?
It’s so meta beyond meta. Love it. I’m very excited!

Would you consider coming back for more STAB movies in the world of SCREAM?
Of course! That’s actually a fantastic idea!

Did you know there is also a meta internet cult around STAB (the movie within the movie) and your character?
No! Seriously? Tell me everything and how can I participate?

You can join her and an amazing cast in two days.

Most table reads in Hollywood have the cast/some crew around a table and effectively “reading” the script with some minor acting involved. This will be a combination of a table read and a performance. Will have sound effects and music cues straight from the movie to provide a more immersive experience for the audience plus having the actors do more than “just” read. These are professionals, after all. We will also be doing a Q and A after the show and talking about why we love SCREAM all these years later. Working on surprises as we speak, guess you will have to tune in to find out“, promises Ryan.


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