Mason Gooding geek out for SCREAM 5


You know Mason Gooding understands the assignment when he declares the possibility of geeking out in front of “The Trio” in SCREAM 5.

Prior to working with Courteney, Neve, David it was the idea that I would that way ‘starstruck or caught up in the idea of having to uphold a legacy’. It wasn’t until I was on set and working with them that I realized they are the sweetest, most hard working, thoughtful and creative people that the idea of worrying was embarrassing to think that I even partook in“.

On January 14th of 2022, we’ll get to know him as Chad Meeks-Martin, a guy with boiling hormones that wouldn’t listen to Randy’s celibacy rules when around his gorgeous girlfriend, Liv McKenzie (Sonia Ben Ammar).

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