Scott Foley and his SCREAM 3 memories

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Scott Foley had the time of his life while filming SCREAM 3.

It’s perceptible on the way he excitedly remembers some of the details  when asked about it every now and then. This weekend the actor, who made his big screen debut in that film, gave an interview to SiriusXM and described some cool moments from the set.

It is an honor [to be the killer of a SCREAM film]. SCREAM 3 is sort of the stepchild, I don’t know, the bastard of the SCREAM trilogy… What are… 9 films now? I really like that movie though and I think they did a good job. Look, for a third film in a trilogy when there was only, you know, one planned, uh, I think they did a really good job.”

Eeeh… we have to make some minor corrections in here: we are now getting the fifth entry and there were, since the start, plans for a trilogy.

“And I have to tell you: going into that when I was cast I had no idea I was the killer. And they didn’t tell me until about two weeks into production, when the producer, a woman who worked with Wes Craven for years, Marianne Maddalena said ‘Hey, you know right?’, and I was like ‘I know what? Are there hot dogs and craft service? What do I know?’. And she said ‘You’re the killer’, and I was like ‘Oh! That’s great!’, and I went back to my room and thought ‘Oh man! Oh man! That’s so cool!’. Like if you’re in a SCREAM film, like, be the killer!

And when you recall SCREAM 3, you have to mention Parker Posey, of course:

The movie within a movie was really smart and I have such fond memories. You know, I haven’t seen Parker Posey since we shot that. But I think I was 26 when we did that and she was, if you’ll remember, around that time the ‘Indie Movie Queen’. Had done, you know, movie after movie. And there were times, I’ve such fond memories, of like after lunch being on set and Parker would just sort of grab my hand and she took me down to a lawn and she read poetry to me, and I sat there and thought like ‘What is happening? This is amazing!’. And I had such a crush on her and she was the nicest, kindest person“.

And you know I got to work with Courteney Cox again, I did Cougar Town with her. We keep in touch. I see David Arquette, you know, around town. Well, not anymore. because I’m not there, but… It was a good group of people and I was sad a few years ago when Wes passed away“.

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