Ask a question, get a prize

Next week, we’ll be interviewing the talented guys who are making story in the horror scenario by offering us, the fans, incredible documentaries on our favorite scary movies. They are: the director Dan Farrands, writer Thommy Hutson and producer Lito Velasco – the people behind the upcoming – and awaited – Scream: The Inside Story.

They’re also the team who put up together the best documentary ever made on a horror movie – Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.

To celebrate this special occasion, and honor, how do you feel about a giveaway?

Never Sleep Again DVDs and signed mini-posters by Dan, Thommy, Lito and the editor and co-director Andrew Kasch.

Do you want those amazing prizes? There are two ways and two chances:

1) Send us your question (or lots of them) for Dan, Thommy and Lito to answer. The best question take home one Never Sleep Again DVD and one signed poster. Research more in this special section. Get ready to think and good luck! Those who already sent their questions, are automatically participating.

2) Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tweet this: 

Follow @hello_sidney and get ready to – #HELLOSIDNEY

The winner will be picked randomly by a machine. So, tweet lots of times: it will increase your winning chances.

* This giveaway is available only for those who live in the USA.

* Brasileiros podem participar da promoção aqui.

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