Checking Sidney´s files

When you visit the official website for Scream 4, can connect to Facebook and add Sidney Prescott as friend. Now, on that facebook profile have appeared newspaper clippings related to Sidney. But we´ve found some errors: Randy died in 1998 (Two years after the Woodsboro murders). Sidney lived in safely guarded seclusion after the Windsor murders. In 1998.

"…Local Yearbook sells for $1,000. 

An unnamed buyer spent $1,000 to a Woodsboro High alumni (via eBay) for a used copy of Wodsboro high-school yearbook with pictures of victims of the Woodsboro murders (Including Randy Meeks, who died in 1997). The 1996 yearbook was advertised at about $300 for a starting bid, but ended at $1,000.

The main yearbook, featuring a solid, yellow cover, was essentially completed before the murderous rampage. Simply labeled "Woodsboro High School" and subtitled "1996" in yellow, did not belong to any of the victims or murderers, but they are pictured heavily throughout the yearbook…"

"Prescott went into hiding in late 1997…"

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