New poster for “Scream 4”

Yahoo Movies posted a poster for Scream 4. Considering their relationship with The Weinstein Company – the website always has first hand content from the distributor – this is now the official poster for the film. 

Not that we´ve hated it, but… Quoting Tim from we thought it was fan made. It is a simple adaptation from the Scream 3 teaser poster from 2000 and late.

Now we´ve to wait for the second official poster that R.J. Torbert talked about on his twitter a few weeks later. Come on TWC´s design team… New Decade, new rules, new language on the posters. Pretty please! 🙂

Update: Our reader Brett Vickerman has a really good point when he showed us this image. The "4" looks exactly the same. Also… noticed  some strange credits: Cathy Konrad is listed, and Ehren Krueger is listed as first Executive Producer. Time to investigate… But this is most likely debunked.

Update: Wes Craven just confirmed the authenticity of the poster. But, since when TWC started to recycle old fan arts?

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