Wes talks “Scream 4”

Kara Warner, from MTV, has interviewed Wes Craven this week by telephone. “What a warm, lovely man he is”, she tells about the director of the “Scream” franchise. She tried to get him to talk about several doubts that we, Screamers, have about the movie – but the master didn’t told as much as we wanted to. Except for the affirmation that the script that they’re working on is from the one and only, Kevin Williamson.

"I think all of us wanted to do something written by Kevin [Williamson] and to work together again," he said. "We all had such wonderful times on the first three. It has been a return to a great deal of fun — just the pleasure of working together again. We know each other inside and out. There's a lot of shorthand and a lot of fun memories from our past escapades."

He also said that when Dimension came to him with the project, Campbell, Cox and Arquette already were attached to it:

"Well, I could take credit for it, but it wouldn't be accurate".

Then, Warner asked about the young cast:

"The young cast is amazing," he said. "They're extremely bright and a very varied cast. … They're just great to work with. It's fun to be doing that combination of the sort of classic actors of the first three and this new group of kids. [They] have very different and fresh personalities and great acting talent."

But when she asked about the plot, he was evasive, not telling much more than we´ve already knew – which was predictable:

"It's a clear and/or pretty well-known [fact] that it's a return to Woodsboro for Sydney Prescott, who is Neve's character," Craven said. "Courteney and David have, as they did in real life, have gotten married and are living in Woodsboro, so it's the story of Sid's return to Woodsboro and the series of events that take place there where those three are thrown together in a wild and crazy way, and then a group of kids that get meshed in the plot."

But, about the cameos of Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell, well, an interesting answer:

"I don't know what I'm allowed to say," he laughed. "They do have a very significant and exciting role in the film, let me put it that way."

Read the whole story here. Also check a cool preview of “My Soul to Take” and stay tuned on Wes´ Twitter today – there is a contest coming our way, and is world wide.

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