Don’t fuck with the original


I really enjoy smart articles involving my favorite movies, music and books. Thanks to Google Alerts, I’ve received a good piece of work by a guy named Carl Roberson. His most recent column on Yahoo Contributor Network talks about how Scream 4 calls out Hollywood for lack of originality.

“We all know that this [the remakes] has become something of an epidemic in Hollywood these last few years. It seems as if all originality has left the building and every producer, screenwriter and film company seems to be keen on the idea of taking something old and making it new again. Fans of the horror community have been in uproar as they feel that many classic movies have been ruined by remakes.”

“Perhaps one of the best scenes in the film takes place towards the film’s climax, when Hayden Panettiere’s character is on the phone with the killer. He begins to ask her a question, telling her to name a remake and before he can finish the question she starts rattling off every possible remake that has been done within the last several years. Needless to say, she rattles off quite a list.”

“However, the absolute best part of the movie was the end, when Neve Campbell makes a remark to one of the killers about the first rule of remakes being not to mess with the original. The sentiments of the film were lost on a lot of people, who thought that the movie was a weak attempt at bringing back what was thought to be a dead franchise, but I thought the message was spot on. It’s time for Hollywood to get creative again, come up with something original instead of rehashing the same stuff whether it’s with a remake of an old movie or putting out a twentieth sequel. This movie was one of the best that 2011 has had to offer because the message it sent was a refreshing one, one that Hollywood will hopefully listen to.”

Besides the good review, this really gives us something to think about.

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