Don´t worry Neve!

Everyone is excited waiting for the release of the new chapter. Neve Campbell, our favorite Scream Queen, told Dean Piper (Mirror) about the anxiety that she is experiencing with the launching of Scream 4.

“It was fantastic to be back on the Scream films but I’m nervous. I’ve not seen it yet. A few test audiences have, and it seemed to go down well. From what I know it’s more a ­return to the original. Fine by me.”
“Making ­another Scream film wasn’t an easy ­decision – but I’m pleased I did it. I just hope the fans enjoy it.” I can’t wait…"
Sidney Prescott "Out of Darkness"
Source: Mirror
Update: Oops, wait a second! Thanks to a twitter user (Jamie_SCREAM4) we have discovered a new picture of Gale Weathers. The image belongs to a Scream 4 trailer screened in the cinemas. JoAngel1987  recorded it with his cellular.
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