I’m just giving you the hint, but I’m not telling you where to find the easter eggs. Last night I had access to some auditioning tapes of SCREAM 4 from some actors that didn’t make it. It happens that you need authorization to publish certain types of content into a site, in this case, from the actors involved.

There’s also a big moral thing behind that. If I simply publish that material here, some of those actors probably would have problems. And I can’t be responsible for that. In other hand if you publish something in the web, you just wait that people watch it.

To be or not to be… A Gale Weathers?

I choose not. But feel free to look around.

During the casting lots of pages hit the web (Because of the casting sides on the internet). If we’re going to see some of these dialogues into the movie, I don’t know. Lots of rewrites. Anyway those dialogues are sharp and funnily written. Pure Kevin Williamson in his best shape. The guy got his groove back.

And it is cool to watch. I’ve found casting tapes of Jill Kessler, Rebecca Walters, Kirby Reed and Charlie. All of the actors tested also did a scene with dialogues from “Scream” – the scene where Billy and Stu discuss their motives with Sid. Well, this is not a spoiler! If you’re going to be in a “Scream” movie, you gotta be prepared to be a killer.

What can I say about what I’ve seen?

Kirby Reed is going to be one of the best characters in a movie during a long time. You could start loving her now!  And Rebecca… We will love to hate her.

Now, here is the part where you should cover your eyes. Here are some excerpts and some descriptions of the scenes.


Kirby Reed and Charlie

Kirby: Wanna watch a movie?

Charlie: OK. What?

Kirby: No torture porn, shaky cam, docu-horror, manga-techno, ghost girl, Rob Zombie, 3D or PG-13 remake sh*t-ola. And it can’t be directed by M. Night Shml-shit! (…) OK, decision time. Friday the 13th or Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Charlie: Originals or remakes?

Kirby: Do I look like a Michael Bay fan to you?

Then she sees him looking at her tits. They make a bet. A movie trivia. If he get it right, she I’ll go topless for ten minutes. But the trivia is just impossible for him.

Rebecca Walters and Gale Weathers

Rebecca(talking on the phone): No comment. Beyond Mrs. Prescott’s sincere condolences to the victims´ family and friends. Thank you! (She hangs up, and the phone rings again).

Rebecca: This is Rebecca! Oh my fucking God, Henry! No, it is totally true! Two girls were butchered! Pay day! (…) Hey, Henry… I’m gonna have to call you back…

(Rebecca watches Gale Weathers and gets close to her for a conversation)

Rebecca: Excuse me! I have to geek out! It is such an honor to meet you. Rebecca Walters. When I was a kid, it was all about Gale Weathers, Top Story. You were my 90s.

Gale: It is Gale Riley now.

Rebecca: Oh! Yeah! You gave all up for love. I knew that. It is so not me.

Gale: Are you Sidney’s publicist?

Rebecca: Yeah! We’re just covering the book tour for random. So, how long have you and Dewey been married?

Gale: Ten years.

Rebecca: Oh! Just like your characters in “Stab 3”! Wow!

Gale: Wow?

Rebecca: It’s not a bad “wow”. I don’t know! It’s because I always thought of it more like a movie romance than a real one, because… It was a movie, and in real life you two will never… Oh! Gotta get myself out of this hole. I’m just gonna climb out. So… Do you have children?

In other scene Rebecca tries do convince Sidney to stay in Woodsboro and fight – because after the crimes, the book sales have increased. Here we see how much of a bitch she really is.

The other scenes that I can remember are from Jill and Trevor – when he ask her out, and tries by making movie connection. “The Way We Were”, her favorite movie, appears in the dialogue. And also, there is one of Charlie being interrogated by Dewey. They discuss the “Stab” movies.

Happy hunting.

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