They look great, don´t they?

That´s the classic “Scream” photo shoot: in order to represent the scary atmosphere, the cast poses with ambiguous, suspicious and powerful faces. There is a killer on the loose, but even that can´t stop the possible victims of being sexy.

That´s another pic from the lastest edition of EW – the reunions issue – that was featured  in their website along with two quotes:

”I was supposed to die in the first one, and Wes kept me alive. So that was my favorite death scene: me coming back to life.” (David Arquette)

”It was really exhilarating and really fun. We definitely feel like family. It’s been, like, 14 years now that we’ve known each other and made these films and we’ve always had a lot of fun on them. That always creates a good atmosphere on set as well when you know people are going to have a good time.” (Neve Campbell on makingScream 4“)

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