If the new generation is portrayed with fidelity in "Scream 4" – well intentioned or not -, the class of 2011 of Woodsboro High will probably be combined with a new character: technology.

In 1996: telephones, cell phones and voice changers. My intuition says that in the new decade and with the new rules, Ghost Face will be much better equipped.

How about Facebook and many iPhone apps?

@WesCraven and@RobertsEmma constantly show that they´re into. And you?

We´ve researched and here are some ways to make that prank call a la "Scream":


Voice Transformer – It changes your voice to other nine different voices, but it is only a playback that you can send via email. You could have a good laugh with this.

Scary Voice – Another choice for playback.

Scream Voice – This application provides quotes from the movie with the original voice of Roger L. Jackson.

Sonic VoxOne step ahead of the others. There is the possibility of connecting the iPhone to the computer and have a conversation over Skype using your phone as a mic. But no real phone calls.

SpoofCard – Perhaps the only app where you can make phone calls with a modified voice. You also can change the ID of your phone. Did you knew that it could be so easily done? I shall take at this point that nobody will have strange ideas. But just in case, watch this video to learn how it works and also for safety tips. It's a good alert. Someone should send this to Sidney Prescott. For iPhones, Blackberrys and more.

Update April 6th: Two official Scream 4 apps are up at iTunes Store

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Scream 4 Voice Mask: Record your voice and fool unsuspecting friends also with function of sharing on Facebook, and even viewing the trailer for our eagerly awaited film.

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