Just in time for Halloween…

 Just in time for Halloween…

Here in Brazil we do not celebrate Halloween. Yeah, it sucks, I know. Not only because that seems to be one of the most fun parties that you have there inU.S., but mostly, because this way, I don’t get to wear one of those:

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t. Could not! You must be wandering: why?
Last Monday I’ve received a big package on my door. When I read it was from Fun World, my heart just stopped for a moment. I opened it very slowly, treasuring everything that was inside – three Ghost Face masks and one big R.J. Rabbit.
Amazing and kind gifts from R.J. Torbert, aka @GameFaceGuy – to whom, I am very grateful.
But those aren’t regular masks… They are production runs from Scream 4. To be more exact, they are the number #4 set. Meaning – I´ve in my house the coolest memorabilia, a piece of "Scream 4" history.
You are the only person to have received a set #4'S from Scream 4. I noticed it when I was signing them for you. In my opinion, they are worth even more, because no one else will have a set of the same numbers”, explains R.J.
The next day, the poster I’ve won from Wes Craven arrived too. And I thought, “Christmas on October”? It certainly felt like it.  
Well, we do not have Halloween here, but we do have Carnaval. Till then, I’ll manage to get a mask that I could use without feeling guilty – about wearing and not frame it.
Bellow, the masks, the Rabbit and the poster  in detail.

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