Meet Alison Brie, the envious Rebecca

"Just landed back in MI for more Scream 4. After surviving my driver's gas on the way to the airport the flight was a breeze! #grosspun"

With that line, Alison Brie – who plays Sid´s envious personal assistant, Rebecca Walters -, just announced that she was back in town for more blood and gore. She also rented a car:

"Whoa! Looks like I'll be ridin in style in my burnt orange Dodge Caliber. #Scream4 #rentalcar #dreamscometrue"

Well, got the picture? The funny actress fits exactly the profile of a "Scream" star: she has a huge background as a TV star both in drama (Mad Man) and comedy (Community) that gives her just the skills to be a dubious character.

Born in 23 of December of 1983, the jewish girl of Pasadena began her career  at the Jewish Community Center in Southern California. She graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a bachelor's in theater.

Watch bellow a little interview for TV Guide Magazine, and here and here to see some other pictures of her as Rebecca.

Picture source: Before The Trailer.

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