Matthew Lillard is one of the stars of the franchise that, from time to time, likes to reminisce his part. It is always a pleasure for the most resilient fans – who never abandoned their passion, like us – to read how much he enjoyed.

In a recent interview for Collider, he related his role of Daniel Frye, from The Bridge, to Stu:

I generally find opportunities to be funny in really high stakes. Scream is a great example of that. When you’re running for your life, and you’re at the end of your rope and the stakes are really high, to be able to make people laugh in that little sweet spot, I like doing that. I think that it’s a combination.

Collider: What are your thoughts on Scream becoming a TV series, and if that is a good format to tell those stories?

It makes me very old. Any time that they’re remaking something that you’re in, in a completely different format, it generally means that you’re ancient. As far as the format’s concerned or whether it works, I don’t understand how Scream rolls into a TV series, but there are very smart writers in the world, and I’m sure they can figure it out. I’ll be interested to see the first episode, and see how they do.

We are right there with you, Matt!

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