We are just a week away from the opening of SCREAM in most countries, even though it will officially be released in the United States on January 14th. With the sudden Covid surge after the holidays, all the attention and awareness are necessary. Wich means sacrifices will be made in order of the greater good.

To rip off the band-aid quickly: the red carpet premiere of SCREAM is canceled.
Is it the right thing to do? Absolutely, but it is also very saddening – all of them (I mean the cast, directors, and crew) deserved that shining moment that would have been amazing. Can you imagine how star-packed the event was going to be?

Let’s not get too much into it because there’s also good news according to Indiewire:

Industry predictions for SCREAM are in the $35 million – $40 million range over four days. Its audience should be minimally impacted by omicron concerns: Although there are some closures in Canada, so far there have been no moves to limit U.S. theaters. SCREAM could result in $80 million or more by the month’s end.

Also, Brian Tyler‘s score soundtrack of SCREAM comes out very, very soon, by the fantastic label of Varèse Sarabande. One of the tracks is already here:

Are you in the mood for a good word about the film? The first impressions by the critics are coming in as we speak:

And, in closing, this afternoon we’ve got one more official pic of Ghost Face and a teaser of a nightly news TV show of Gale Weathers. Rejoice because there’s a lot more our way!

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