‘Scream: The Game’ – Out tomorrow!

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The Weinstein Co. is now making their properties worthy on the game world too. This Friday they´ll be launching the first iPhone and iPad game available on the iTunes store to celebrate the release of Scream 4.

Weinstein hopes to avoid this trend by focusing on the wireless market. The goal? Make small, downloadable games that can back up their properties, and can be made by established developers who know how to develop quality titles.

The crux of Scream 4 iOS is this: you play as the infamous killer, guiding them from above through a small environment where you try and kill all the people in the map without being stopped. To kill people, you simply drag or tap on them, watching as the killer runs up to them. Once he's in proximity, a knife appears on screen and you have to drag it in the indicated direction across the screen.

Additional points are awarded based on how you kill the victims — killing the "jock" and the "cheerleader" one after the other is a bonus, for instance — but the kills were all the same.

Scream 4 iOS releases next week with four levels and more "on the way." If it starts at the 99 cent price.

Source: IGN

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