SCREAM turns 24


Sidney: But this is life. It’s not a movie.

Billy: Sure it is Sid. It’s all.. it is all… It’s just one big movie. Only you can’t pick your genre.

Don’t you feel, sometimes, that to bear the harsh reality of things you can pretend you are a character in a book, song, TV show or a movie?

Fiction is a powerful thing. It is capable of rewiring the way you see and feel things, and that’s why this dialogue from SCREAM is so pungent.

I usually don’t get personal, despite this fan site having a “personality” that you can call “editorial view”.

But I can say SCREAM changed my life by helping me not to feel like a victim, to cope with the grief of losing my parents very early in life.

“I’m a fighter”.

That’s how Sidney and some of the actors became a role model to me and it still echoes through time and life.

On November 11th of this year I got the chance to talk with Neve Campbell for 2 whole minutes and to say “thank you” for the inspiration and how much it all meant for me.

Never imagined it would happen someday.

And I’m sure lots of you feel the same way and have similar stories… I would love to hear you all.

If you feel like it, share your story with me.

Looking back

Exactly 10 years ago, I did a little remembrance article when SCREAM turned 14. I still cannot believe I’ve managed to get testimonials from Ryan Turek, R.J. Torbert and lovely friends of this site.

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