Something to die for…

Something to die for… Scream 4: The Album. Amazon has revealed titles of the songs and the bands, the singers and the artists who are involved with this album. There are two themes composed by Marco Beltrami, like I don´t care (Scream). New soundtrack will be available on April 12, 2011. April is coming!! You can read our articles about Scream and Scream 2 music. 

Track list:


1. Something To Die For (The Sounds)

2. Bad Karma (Ida Maria)

3. Cup Of Coffee (The Novocaines)

4. Make My Body (The Chain Gang of 1974)

5. Don´t Mess With The Original (Marco Beltrami)

6. Yeah Yeah Yeah (The Sounds)

7. Run For Your Life (6 Day Riot)

8. Axel F (Raney Shockne)

9. On Fire (Locksley)

10. Devils (Say Hi)

11. Denial (Stereo Black)

12. Jill´s America (Marco Beltrami)

Source: Amazon

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