Spotlight on Neve Campbell

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An actor’s job doesn´t end when the director yells “CUT!”. It extends for months after completion of filming and involves a huge battery of interviews and promotion. The day of the press conference is considered the most exhausting of all and they usually go on from the morning till late at night. Lets take a look on what Neve Campbell has to add to Scream 4, shall we?

The first is an interview for Access Hollywood, where she speaks of Sidney Prescott, on the secrets of the production and the possibility of Scream 5.

The promotion of the film unfortunately occurred on the day of the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. In these videos we can see Neve, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Hayden Panettiere talking about the icon, while interviewed about Scream 4.

The only video that was missing in this collection of Select Soundbites, was Neve´s. Check out the injustice being undone.

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