AV Club had the chance to do a retrospective interview with Heather Graham, and she let it slip that SCREAM 5 / SCREAM (2022) will probably feature – once again – her cameo as Casey in STAB.

Was your cameo as Drew Barrymore’s character in the Stab movie just a fun thing to show up and do quickly? You really resemble Drew Barrymore in that movie. Is that how that came about?

I wish. Oh, gosh, that’s a compliment. I just think that movie was great. It was so scary, but also funny and irreverent. And it just seemed like a cool thing to do to get to work with some interesting people, like Wes Craven and all these actors I think are really talented. It’s funny because they just sent me that clip because they’re using it in the new SCREAM. And I had to, I guess, approve it or allow them to use it. So I just rewatched it and I’m wearing that wig, kind of what Drew Barrymore’s hair was like, and I’m like, “Cute wig!” I want that wig now.

Well, it seems the SCREAMverse isn’t done milking the STAB franchise just yet. Thanks to Andrew, who tipped us on Twitter with this article.

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