We are used to watching their work in front of the cameras and loving it. But how about a little change of perspective? Many actors do the transition to the director’s chair very successfully, showing talent and sensibility that they have learned while in the spotlight.

We bet some of the actors of the Scream franchise got a thing of two from master Wes Craven, since the series breathed the inspiring craft of moviemaking.

2014 was the year where three stars of the saga presented very special projects…


by Rose McGowan – Since the first time I’ve laid my eyes on Rose, I couldn’t take it away. Not only because of her beauty, but because of her bold instinct to what is cool.

I am a big film and art buff, I think better films would be made if more people were. My three inspirations for Dawn were the look of the original Parent Trap, the tension of Night of the Hunter and the loneliness of an Edward Hopper painting. Rose McGowan, The Hollywood Reporter

The short film premiered at Sundance, last year, getting an amazing reception and reviews. It tells the story of a quiet teenager who longs for something or someone to free her from a sheltered live.


The Girl on the Roof

by Skeet Ulrich – Another short that caught us, was this one. Made throughout crowd funding, it also follows the eyes of a young girl who meets an unlikely savior.

The Ulrich’s family project – his wife, Amelia Jackson-Gray wrote and starred along with their children Naiia and Jakob – nailed some Festivals prizes, showing that a strong family can make solid and confident movies.

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Just Before I Go

by Courteney Cox – Determined as Gale Weathers, Cox isn’t unfamiliar with the job of director. She already did some episodes of Cougar Town, a short called Reel Moments and a TV Film named Talhotblond. But this is a transition to film.

Seann William Scott is Ted, an ordinary guy who decides that he’ll end his streak of bad luck by committing suicide.

Another reason to watch: David Arquette does a cameo!

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