Alison Brie tell us more about Rebecca

During an interview for Vulture Magazine, the versatile actress of "Mad Men" and "Community" talked "Scream 4" and her love for the first one. To know more about Rebecca Walters, check it out this and this.

"I mostly work with Neve Campbell. My character works for her, and she’s a little go-getter, sort of like Annie in eight years but bitchier. She’s sort of a hybrid of Annie and Trudy. I was really into the Scream movies as a teenager, and I remember they shot some of the second one in my hometown, south Pasadena, and I’d drive by and see them shooting late at night and my friends and I thought it was so cool. It’s really come full circle. I was obsessed! I own Scream the original on videotape, and my friends and I made a parody called Yell. I could probably recite 90 percent of the lines. I didn’t tell them this, of course".

We would love to see that indie movie, for sure, miss Brie.

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