Scream props!

Last night, R.J. Torbert aka @GameFaceGuy was teasing all the fans, as he usually does, by giving us insightful knowledge and tidbits on the "Scream" saga.

This time he showed a cool movie prop that was made by Fun World during the production of "Scream 3". A Ghost Face Gold Bust!

Then, this morning, we´ve talked to him and asked if that was the real prop that we´ve seen in the production office of the "Stab" movies. He replied:
"The Gold Bust, is one of  two. Fun World had it made for the lobby, and one was given to Wes Craven as a gift, and he must have decided to put it in the office for Scream 3. Where it is today, who knows? Hopefully its in the collection of Wes Craven…". 

We bet it is.

Fun World has been very much involved in the "Scream" franchise since the beginning. Particularly in the second movie – where they provided lots of scenario props, decorations and movie masks.

In the fourth installment, couldn´t be any different. You can check here to see some of the amazing work that they did for our favorite movie of 2011.

Also, if you´re interested in acquire real movie props and replicas, or just see some cool collections, we do recommend this website. Have fun!

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