Woodsboro revisited

 Woodsboro revisited

It´s a fact: “Scream” works better with the original creators. If there is any doubt that Kevin Williamson wrote this script, just check the images bellow. The lastest news about the controversy with Ehren Krueger (the infamous – among the true fans – writer of “Scream 3”) was that he was just brought to pen some additional rewrites.

The spinal script is the one and only from our beloved “Dawson´s Creek” writer – who is now in Atlanta, on the set of “The Vampire Diaries”, and incapable to be in Michigan. The barn that we have seen, the “hanging Casey doll” that Wes Craven posted recently, “Stab-A-Thorn” party and mostly, the “remembrance week” just smells Williamnesque. Remember the creepiness of “Scream 2” around the celebration of horrible crimes in the media, movies and the people in general? It is here.

In KW´s world people suck at the point of not care about how many people have died – they just make a party about it. Well it´s a movie, and we like it too. I guess that this arrival of Krueger on the set must have pissed Williamson and the fans off (I know how devasted I was).

Some time ago, Kevin used some irony to describe bringing Randy back, maybe refering to that tape cameo in “S3”. He said on his twitter that was thinking about putting Jamie Kennedy´s character on a white horse (in comparison to Michael Myers´s mother in the trashy “Halloween 2”). For him this is just “tacky”. “Scream 4” is what “Scream 3” supposed to be – the original ideas from Kevin were to bring back everyone to Woodsboro. And that´s when the studio got involved.

They wanted Hollywood, Kevin wanted escape the cliche, as always.

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