Are you alone in the house?

The amazing BananaDoctor brought some news from the set this evening:

“So the day I hit the Scream 4 set at 8pm, they started at 2pm. Apparently they filmed outside all afternoon. Not so much after 8pm”.

“Clearly I shouldn’t give up my day job. Watching movies being made is thrilling. This wasn’t an exciting night on the set of Scream 4. Let’s hope there was murder and mayhem inside. “

“They’re filming inside, and the crew are on the porch yelling ‘rolling’ and ‘cut,’ now and again. Outside it’s hot and sticky and the mosquitoes are starting to bite.”

On the Scream 4 set tonight: Neve Campbell, Emma Roberts, and Mary McDonnell. Possibly others, but those are the ones I saw.

And that´s a big relief. Neve Campbell won´t be just a cameo. Two scenes confirmed and counting.

Also there´s a video of the crew going out for a break:

Check out BananaDoc´s Tumblr for more images.

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