It has been a very busy week for Mr. BananaDoc. Today, he caught the beauties of “Scream 4” during the filming. Apparently, they´re having lots of fun on the set. Part of this, is because of the director:

@wescraven – Just had Ghostface jump out at Hayden when she wasn’t expecting it. Did it to @RobertsEmma yesterday. I love scaring people. #SCREAM4

Below, some clicks of Marielle Jaffe, Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts. Check this video. Plus a very cool shot of Wes Craven in a window.

And after the day was over, @wescraven took a little time to tweet-chat with @RobertsEmma about iPad games:

@RobertsEmmaObsessed with the iPad app game Drop 7

@wescraven to @RobertsEmma – Addicting. Fortunately there is a Seven Step program than could help you.

@RobertsEmma – @wescraven is low key hilarious

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