“This is Gale Weathers, signing off…”

 “This is Gale Weathers, signing off…”

John Valeri, from Scream Franchise Examiner, reported this morning that Courteney Cox has wrapped shooting on "Scream 4". The source is the site PopSugar, that took some pictures from the set of the next season of "Cougar Town".

See some of the pictures of her appearance here, here, here, here and below.

Also, the website On Location Vacations tells the next locations of "Scream 4" in Michigan:

-Scream 4 is filming on Lincoln Ave between Wells St. and Cambridge Rd in Ann Arbor through 8.27.
 -Base Camp is close to the location, in Burns Park in the elementary school parking lot.
-They are only filming Monday-Friday, with most of the filming happening in late afternoon/overnight.? 

Picture sources: Hometown Life, Before The Trailer & of course, the amazing Bananadoc.

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